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Scopes of Stone Restoration

Updated: Sep 12

When contacting us to receive a quote for Marble restoration there are 4 different scopes of work that we provide depending on the condition on the stone and the clients budget.

To help you decide which service is right for you we have explained the four different scopes of service beginning with the basic service and working up to the ultimate.



This is a basic cleaning to remove dirt, debris, and old sealers. It does not address etching or scratches in the stone. It finishes by applying a new sealer to help protect the stone.




This includes the basic cleaning, plus honing which is a light polishing process to remove minor etching and scratches in the stone. It provides a more uniform appearance than just a basic clean. It still finishes with applying a fresh sealer.




The basic cleaning is done, followed by a more aggressive powder polishing to improve the stone’s luster. This achieves a higher shine than honing. It is then sealed to help protect the stone.




This covers all the bases - cleaning, honing, high polish, and sealing. The honing evens out the stone, the polishing brings up the gloss level, and the sealant protects it. This achieves the highest restoration with the most uniform, glossy finish.

How to choose the right service for your project:

  • Clean & Seal is a basic maintenance scope.

  • Clean, Hone & Seal is exclusive for marble that is already honed.

  • To change the sheen of the stone from polished to honed or honed to polished would require an additional charge for the time.

  • Adding honing improves uniformity and minor scratch removal.

  • Powder polishing is more aggressive polishing for higher shine.

  • Hone, polish, & seal provides the most complete restoration result.

To receive a quote for your marble floor, vanity, countertop or table restoration project, contact us today or fill out the contact form with pictures of your project.

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