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Terrazzo can become lifeless through daily wear and tear or from years of sitting under a layer of carpet and glue. Rose Restoration can bring your terrazzo back to life using the best methods, such as diamond polishing and silicone impregnators to prevent staining.

Before covering a terrazzo floor consider having it restored instead. Terrazzo floors can be restored to their mid-century modern glory with a polished or honed finish that is easy to maintain. In order to keep terrazzo looking its best just a daily sweeping and moping are needed, no more stripping and waxing! We can give you the terrazzo of your dreams, restoring it using the same process as marble restoration. We are the most knowledgeable stone experts and extremely qualified to resolve any problems you may be having with terrazzo.


Our commercial terrazzo services include:

  • Cleaning & Sealing
  • Terrazzo Refinishing – Polishing & Honing
  • Color Matching
  • Terrazzo Repairs & Pouring
  • Filling Holes
  • Enhancing
  • Etch Removal


Terrazzo, a unique stone comprised of marble chips in a variety of sizes and colors in a cement or epoxy base, can lose its appeal and become dull, scratched, and dirty-looking. Other terrazzo problems include holes from carpet tacks or nails, cracks and chips, and stains.

A beautiful shine on terrazzo only lasts a short while if improper cleaning and restoration methods are used. Dirt, grime, and other contaminants become embedded in coatings, making the floor ugly and unsanitary. Coatings have to be completely removed and replaced as often as every three months. If coatings are not completely removed, then each passing strip-and-wax creates a new layer of yuck that builds up and scratches and scuffs easily.


Fortunately, all of the above-mentioned problems can be resolved. There’s a reason terrazzo is found in homes, apartments, restaurants, stores, hotels, hospitals, schools, and busy office environments. When properly repaired and restored, it is incredibly beautiful, and resilient, too.

Rose Restoration provides expert terrazzo repair services. We can fill in chips and cracks, and for holes, use tinted filler with aggregates (little pieces of marble) that patch your terrazzo. Once your floor is honed and polished, the repair site blends right in with the surrounding finish.

Rose Restoration provides expert terrazzo restoration services. We can virtually erase the scuffed and scratched surface layer with our grinding and honing processes, revealing the brand new stone underneath. With the damage removed, we can hone and polish your terrazzo to a velvety smooth satin/matte finish or a glossy, elegant polished finish. To help inhibit stains, we can apply an impregnating sealer.


Regular cleaning and janitorial services are valuable for simple, day-to-day care of terrazzo floors. As problems develop, you become more and more dissatisfied with the appearance of the floors until it’s time for another round of professional restoration. With our regularly scheduled maintenance program, your floors can look great all the time, without the need for periodic restoration.


To make terrazzo shine, it is commonly coated with a wax.  Waxed surfaces have a tendency to collect dirt and to yellow over time and require a perpetual —and costly—cycle of stripping and re-waxing.

We offer solutions that break this cycle of stripping and re-waxing, saving you thousands in annual maintenance costs, while achieving better results. This option creates a protective and beautiful finish that doesn’t yellow lasts years under the heaviest traffic, and increases slip resistance while preventing the spread of secondary infections through anti-microbial properties.