Residential Marble Restoration

Serving the D.C, Maryland, and Virginia area.

At Rose Restoration, we understand and appreciate the unique characteristics of marble and guide our clients on how to restore and maintain them properly. Our attention to detail and passion for what we do are apparent in every job.  

Residential Marble Services

  • Honing and Polishing
  • Scratch Removal
  • Cleaning and Sealing
  • Crack & Chip Repair
  • Patching
  • Bruise Removal & Repair
  • Marble Armor Stone Protection
  • Grout & Caulk Removal and Replacement

All marble needs cleaning, maintenance and periodic restoration. Your maintenance needs depend on where the stone is being used in your home (floors, walls, counter tops, vanities or shower walls) and what it is exposed to, such as, traffic, food, water, oils, pets, etc.

Marble can scratch, etch, stain and lose its luster over time.  Our team is able to evaluate your stone needs, propose a plan to service your stone and give you the best possible results!

Polished Marble:

Polished marble has a reflective or shiny finish due to polishing with very fine abrasives that remove all flaws that slow the return of light bouncing off the surface. It is often slightly darker in color than honed marble of the same type.

All polished marble is honed first. After being honed, polished marble is sanded with finer metal diamonds until the surface flaws have been removed and the marble is a smooth as possible.

Honed Marble:

“Honed” is the term used for stone that has been processed to a matte or satin finish. When you refine the surface beyond a honed finish you achieve a shiny high-gloss finish, which is referred to a polished finish. The stone restoration process involves preparing and cleaning the stone, then applying sequential grits of diamond abrasive pads and abrasive powders to achieve the finish you would like followed by a proper sealer, typically a silicone impregnator.

Why choose Marble?

When restored to its original beauty through polishing and resealing, marble creates a clean, natural backdrop that’s unmatched by other solutions

What Causes Stains & Etches

Because marble is a calcium based stone, anything acidic will etch the surface by dissolving the calcium.

How to Care for Marble

We recommend sealing your Marble countertops yearly and the floors every couple of years. Contact us today for more information on our Residential Maintenance Program.

How to Protect Marble

Marble Armor is a thin, nearly invisible film that protects stone surfaces from staining and etching. 

What are your options?

To learn more about the various options for restoring your marble surfaces, check out our blog post: Scopes of Stone Restoration.


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“Rose Restoration did an excellent job.  My counter tops look fantastic and they carefully covered my custom cabinets to prevent any damage from the restoration process.”
“Our movers broke a marble coffee table and Rose Restoration saved the day.  They were able to repair the table and you can barley see the crack now!”