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What is Marble Armor?

Homeowners, designers and architects chose marble to bring a luxurious feel to their space. All though beautiful many stone surfaces etch or stain when exposed to everyday foods such as coffee, wine or lemon juice. There is a solution to this frustrating problem! Marble Armor is a thin, nearly invisible film that protects stone surfaces.

Available in gloss or satin, Marble Armor protects countertops, tables, bars and vanities from staining or etching. Marble Armor also has self-healing properties that resist damage by providing shock absorption to avoid chips and stun marks.

Rose Restoration is a certified Marble Armor installer. Get a quote today to have your countertops protected by Marble Armor!

Marble Armor allows you use the stone you want

by providing the protection you need!

Get a quote today to have Rose Restoration restore and protect your stone.


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