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What is a stun mark or bruise in marble?

Stun marks or bruises in marble slabs refer to visible damages or imperfections

that occur on the surface of marble due to certain impacts or blows. These marks

appear as white small localized areas of discoloration on the surface of the marble. They can vary in size, shape, and depth depending on the intensity of

the impact.

Stun marks or bruises can be caused by various factors, such as

accidental impacts during transportation, mishandling during installation, homeowner use or dropping objects on the marble surface. They can also occur during the fabrication or cutting processes.

Unfortunately with stun marks, they are as deep as they are wide. So, in order to remove them, you must hone or wet sand the countertop for a long time, and very often it just isn't possible to do that or it will cause a pool to form where you grind. Sometimes we will drill out the stun marks and do a resin repair in this spot. This results in a patch in that spot. However, we are able to control the color of the patch which will look better than a bright white spot.

It is important to note that stun marks or bruises may not be completely removable, especially if they are deep or extensive. In such cases, the damaged stone may need to be replaced.

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