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Stone Care Guide

After having your stone restored we suggest the following recommendations to keep your stone looking its best.

We recommend ONLY using stone soap or a neutral nonabrasive cleaner. When moping use warm water as needed, some stone will react negatively to too much moisture. After cleaning, rinse and dry the surface thoroughly.

The main cause of surface wear is dirt and debris that is carried onto the floor by foot traffic. Frequent sweeping and the use of walk off mats extends the life of the floor. The amount of wear depends on the type of stone and how much traffic the floor receives.

Spills of any kind should be cleaned up immediately and rinsed with water. Anything acidic will typically remove the sealer and etch the surface. A timely response will reduce the damage caused by a spill.

Walk off mats provide two very important roles for your floors. First, they help remove any debris from shoes which reduces wear. Second, they absorb any water from shoes before stepping on the floor which reduces slip falls.

Stains can often be removed using a poultice. Please visit our website to purchase and learn how to apply.

Maintain your stone by having it sealed by professionals! NEVER apply a wax, urethane, or epoxy coating. These products are difficult to remove and cause irreversible damage to the stone.

Always keep in mind...

Common cleaners will remove sealers and possibly etch stone. Be very careful to not overspray onto stone surfaces, it will damage the stone.

Many common foods and drinks contain acids that will etch or dull the stone surface.




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