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Requested a Quote? What Happens Next?

Submitting a Quote Request Online

Requested a Quote? What Happens Next?

A wave of relief crashes over you as you press the Request a Quote button and then you ask yourself, what happens next, how long until I hear back? Luckily we have years of experience and ready to answer all of your questions, no matter how big or small.

Woman Requesting a Quote for Marble Restoration


The first steps to receive a quote is to gather more details about the project so that we understand the problem you’re trying to solve. It is helpful when you share:

  • Current status/condition of the project

  • Any inspirational pictures

  • Job Expectations based on the budget/scope

  • Job Location - Address

  • Job Restrictions - Location, hours,

  • Who is responsible for scheduling and making decisions?

  • Who should receive the invoice?

A simple quote typically takes 1-3 days whereas a more complex quote might require an in person site visit to gather more details and measurements.

Onsite Estimate

Man giving estimate onsite

During an onsite appointment our estimator will:

  • Diagnose any unknown problems

  • Go over your options

  • Take pictures and measurements

  • Communicate the information with office

After the onsite appointment you will receive typically receive a quote the same day but sometimes up to 3 business.

Approving & Scheduling the Job

  • Once you approve the estimate you will receive an email to pay the 50% deposit by credit card.

  • After the deposit has been paid you will receive a call to schedule your project.

  • Typical lead times for our Residential Crews is 2 to 4 weeks.

Scheduling Your Project

To receive a quote for your stone restoration project,

contact us today or fill out the contact form with pictures of your project.

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Get a quote today to have Rose Restoration

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