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Marble Mosaic Restoration

Updated: Nov 6, 2021

Rose Restoration was contacted by the C&P Telephone Building Condominium, a historic condominium building near our nations Capitol to restore and repair their historic mosaic marble floors in the vestibule, lobby, steps and landings. The building was built in 1908 by the Chesapeake and Potomac Telephone Company and designed by Eidlitz and McKenzie architecture firm of New York City. The new building allowed the federal government to expand their telephone system and improve communication throughout the area by having operators standing. In December 17, 1949 that the exchange was closed and in 1999 the building was renovated and turned into a 18-unit condominium building.

We did this by removing all deteriorated, previously-repaired and damaged pieces of marble and then custom cutting new pieces of similar size and color and installing them back in place. After this restoration we refinished and polished the floor.

The results are a solid restored floor with a natural polish and sealed with an impregnator. For another 100 years, with proper care and maintenance the floor

Bring life back to your marble mosaic!

Get a quote today to have Rose Restoration restore your stone. 703-327-7676

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