Honed Marble Kitchen Island and Marble Armor Installation

White marble is often used in kitchens but due to its porous nature it will stain and etch easily. Every day items such as coffee, wine, lemon juice, cleaners, etc... will leave a mark immediately upon touching the surface requiring the entire countertop to be refinished.

We were contacted by a local homeowner in Fairfax, Virginia who had recently renovated their kitchen but quickly realized that their beautiful white Carrara marble island was showing extreme wear in just a short period of time. To solve the issue, Rose Restoration refinished the countertops to a honed finish to remove all of the stain and etches.

We then applied Marble Armor, a thin protective film that will prevent any stains or etches from happening in the future. Now that Marble Armor has been applied the homeowners no longer have to worry permanent rings or marks on their countertop!

Use the stone you want, get the protection you need! Get a quote today to have Rose Restoration install Marble Armor on your stone.



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