Is your patio or sidewalk in need of repair? Rose Restoration is recognized nationwide for its restoration services and can take care of your exterior architectural needs! With over 30 years of experience, we have worked on countless pool decks and patios all over the DC, MD, and VA area to the satisfaction of our customers. Your outdoor space will look its best with our specialized techniques and top-quality materials.

Every day use along with the effects of weather and the changing seasons often times leaves your patio looking used and outdated. By cleaning, repairing and replacing missing stones, brick or mortar can update the looks of your patio.

Sidewalk and Patio Repair and Restoration Services:

  • Reset Loose Stones and Bricks
  • Replace Broken or Missing Mortar Joints
  • Remove and Replace Mortar Joints
  • Replace Broken, Cracked or Deteriorated Stones
  • Install Polymeric Sand to Paver Joints
  • Re-Level Pavers

To receive a quote for your outdoor patio or sidewalk restoration project, contact us today or fill out the contact form with pictures of your project.

Get a quote today to have Rose Restoration repair and fix your patio or sidewalk,. 703-327-7676 / contact@roserestoration.com

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