At Rose Restoration we recognize that customer satisfaction is the number one priority for anyone in the hospitality industry. That is why Rose Restoration is the hospitality industries most valuable resource when restoring and maintaining metal, stone, concrete, metal and wood surfaces. Many of the finest hotels, restaurants and resorts in the country have looked to Rose Restoration to alleviate their architectural surface issues caused by excessive guest usage.

Our knowledgeable advisers will recommend the proper restoration process to bring the surface back to to a like-new condition and then recommend a protective barrier and/or maintenance program to keep the surface in its best condition. Once onsite our skilled technicians will meticulously prepare and protect the surrounding areas while being sensitive to any guests or employees. You can confidently choose Rose Restoration knowing that our wide range of services and family operated company, will result in a quality product with a personal touch.

Our hospitality services include:
  1. Marble Cleaning, Restoration, Polishing & Maintenance

  2. Hospitality Concrete Processing

  3. Granite Cleaning, Restoration, Polishing & Maintenance

  4. Limestone and Travertine Restoration

  5. Terrazzo Polishing and Restoration

  6. Historical Stone Preservation

  7. Metal Restoration

  8. Wood Refinishing

  9. Tile, Grout & Caulking

They did an excellent job…They expertly removed all of the marble blemishes, even ones left from a previous marble refinisher. They protected surrounding surfaces and cleaned up completely…They also filled in gaps in the marble. The color matching there could have been better. The workmen showed up on time and were very professional.”

“The floors look absolutely amazing! Thank you for all of the hard work and beauty!