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For thousands of years, eye-catching granite has been known for its unyielding endurance, which is why it has become a staple in the home — from countertops to floors. However, it is one of the most difficult stones to polish, especially black and red granite. Granite polishing is a painstaking process, demanding ten times the honing with diamond abrasives as marble polishing does.

Granite can become dull and damaged through daily wear and tear or scratches. Because granite has such a high concentration of quartz, it can be scratched by the traces of quartz in tracked-in soil. While these individual scratches are nearly invisible, over time they can accumulate and noticeably mar the surface of highly polished granite.

Rose Restoration is the expert in granite cleaning, granite restoration and granite polishing – let us bring your granite back to its sleek and rich appearance!

Our award-winning work has been featured on HGTV, in the homes of Presidents, Senators and Congressmen, in some of your favorite historical landmarks and probably right next door in your neighbors home! We have been a family owned and operated company since 1978. So, you will get the personal touch and pricing of a smaller business, with the expertise and resources of a national organization.

Polished Granite:

If you have a polished marble foyer, kitchen counter top, bathroom vanity or shower that has become etched, has lost its shine and beauty or is in need of repair, then it is time to give us a call. Rose Restoration can repair, refinish, protect and restore your marble or limestone surfaces back to their original condition. The before and after pictures shown above depict how our polishing service can revitalize your worn out marble.

Honed / Matte Granite:
If your home has marble with a matte or honed finish, it too needs proper care and maintenance. Granite with a honed finish should be periodically cleaned and re-sealed by a professional like Rose Restoration.


"Get the personal touch and pricing of a small business with the expertise and resources of a national organization"

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“Rose Restoration did an excellent job.  My counter tops look fantastic and they carefully
covered my custom cabinets to prevent any damage from the restoration process.

— Mervina S.

“Our movers broke a marble coffee table and Rose Restoration saved the day.  They were able to repair the table and you can barley see the crack now!”

— Mary W.

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