Epoxy & Flake Garage Floors

Washington D.C.

At Rose Restoration we are your local epoxy floor covering experts in installing attractive and highly durable epoxy flooring systems for garages, basements and commercial spaces. Rose Restoration offers different types of flooring systems, products lines and solutions to meet your special application environment needs.

Because of its increased durability, an epoxy flooring system is an excellent choice for both homeowners and business owners — whether you’re parking vehicles in your garage, building a workshop, or operating a warehouse.

  • Homeowners who want a finished garage

  • Those who need easy-to-clean concrete floors

  • Facility managers who want to replace old or damaged concrete

  • Anyone who needs an anti-abrasion and anti-slip finish

Excellent Durability for a Range of Uses
  • Garages and boat sheds
  • Workshops
  • Pool houses
  • Patios
  • Driveways
  • Public restrooms
  • Warehouses
  • and More!
Epoxy Floor Color Options

Why choose an epoxy floor?

Extremely Durable – Long lasting, no flaking or peeling. 
Chemical Resistant – Against oil, gas, dirt, and grime.
Heat Resistant – Can handle high temperatures and hot tires.
Non-porous – Making it very easy to clean and maintain.
Customizable – The possibilities are endless with our floor coatings. You can choose from our five standard coatings, or create your own design with our custom color options
Fast Installation – The installation process is quick and in 1 to 2 days the coating is dry and yours to enjoy!

Are you ready to show off your garage floor to your friends? Call us today for a free estimate. We’re ready to get started on your garage floor.


Our technicians will prepare the concrete floor by first grinding it with an industrial concrete machine and then repairing any cracks or imperfections.  A smooth surface is imperative in order for the epoxy to create a bond that won’t peel or flake.



After grinding the floor our technicians will apply a tinted low-VOC primer. The basecoat offers excellent adhesion with the concrete, giving the floor enhanced color and adhesion properties.


Decorative flakes are applied to the wet base coat.  The flakes are very customizable with endless color combinations and finishes.

This process also increases the thickness of the floor making it 5x-6x thicker than the basecoat.


The final step is applying an extremely durable polyurethane top coat that is chemical resistant and UV stable.  The top coat protects the decorative chips from discoloration so they will remain looking pristine!

“We couldn’t be happier with the polished concrete we have in our basement. Even after 5 years, it still looks amazing!”
“Our son has really sensitive allergies, so we were looking for a hygienic and easy to clean flooring solution. Polished concrete was the way to go, it looks fantastic too!”— Jeanine K.