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Rose Restoration Rose provides medical grade disinfecting and sanitization services.  Utilizing the latest technology and antimicrobial products, our technicians will disinfect and sanitize all surfaces to prevent the spreading of virus such as COVID-19.  At Rose Restoration, we recognize that every facility is unique.  We will develop a disinfecting plan that is a one time occurrence or a regularly scheduled maintenance that keeps your facility at the forefront of hygiene and cleanliness based on the traffic and budget.  

COVID-19 santization services provided for:


• Hotels & Resorts
• Office Buildings
• Restaurants
• Sporting Arenas
• Hospitals & Medical Facilities

• Country Clubs
• Convention Centers
• Fitness Facilities
• Condominiums
• Special Events

• Retail Spaces
• Showrooms
• Manufacturing Plants
• Entertainment Venues
• Casinos


Rose Restoration‘s fogging system atomizes an EPA registered disinfectant into a fine mist.  The mist evenly coats surfaces, walls and floors to disinfect them.  Our fogging system is non-skin irritating, fragrance-free and does not leave behind any residue. After fogging occurs, the space will be available for use 4 hours. Current evidence suggests that novel coronavirus may remain viable for hours to days on surfaces.  Cleaning by means of a fogging disinfection process, is a best practice measure to prevent   COVID-19 and other viral respiratory illness in community settings.   


Antimicrobial lacquer works to inhibit the growth and reproduction of harmful bacteria and microbes.  Rose Restoration can apply a clear, non-color changing lacquer to any high touch surface area, such as faucets, door handles, knobs and pulls.   Once treated with an antimicrobial lacquer the surface stays cleaner, fresher and more hygienic to use for longer. Unlike disinfectants which provide a limited residual activity, once the treated surface dries the antimicrobial lacquer works to continuously minimize the presence of microbes until its next treatment.  Depending on the level of traffic that the surface experiences will determine how often reapplication  occurs.  We typically recommend 3 to 6 months between applications in commercial settings and yearly for residential surfaces. 


Rose Restoration is a certified installer of Marble Armor+, a medical grade self adhesive film that is engineered to protect smooth surfaces from the spread of bacteria and viruses. The film also prevents the surface from scratching, staining, etching and permanent damage caused by harmful impacts.  The sanitization provided by Marble Armor+ kills up to 99.99% of common microbes such as Influenza,   COVID-19, Staphylococcus and E. Coli on the film surface.  Utilizing silver ion antimicrobial technology, Marble Skin+ inhibits the growth of microbes on the film's surface. Silver ion is suitable for a wide range of materials and applications, including medical coatings and food-contact products.  Marble Skin+ is the ultimate level of surface  protection, keep your counter top surfaces safe with 


• Steam Cleaning
• ATP Sanitation Monitoring
• Deep Cleaning and Disinfecting
• Electrostatic Disinfecting
• Medical Grade Cleaning
• Prevention Cleaning
• Public Area Cleaning and Disinfecting
• Commercial Kitchen Cleaning and Disinfecting
• Restroom Cleaning and Disinfecting



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