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Marble is generally a softer stone, though some marbles are harder than others. Therefore, marble will scratch, etch, and lose its shine and luster in the high traffic areas of your home, such as your bathroom or kitchen, when subjected to acidic spills and if not maintained with the proper cleaning products and methods.

Marble is frequently used in offices, but due to high traffic, it can become dull and damaged through daily wear and tear, improper maintenance, scratches, staining, etching or the use of harmful chemicals. Luckily, this is where we come in!  Rose Restoration can make any of your office’s marble surfaces look brilliant again through our marble cleaning, marble restoration and marble polishing services. Over the past 30 plus years in the business, we have developed a unique process to clean marble, polish marble and restore marble, while preventing future damage. Our clients think of us for all of their commercial marble needs and so should you – from floors, walls, stairs, lobbies and more.

Rose Restoration offers the latest technologies in the marble field, such as industrial diamond polishing, while not compromising your marble’s integrity. Additionally, we have pinpointed techniques to make marble floors lustrous yet slip resistant!


Our award-winning work has been featured on HGTV, in the homes of Presidents, Senators and Congressmen, in some of your favorite historical landmarks and probably right next door in your neighbors home! We have been a family owned and operated company since 1978. So, you will get the personal touch and pricing of a smaller business, with the expertise and resources of a national organization.

At Rose Restoration we understand and appreciate the unique characteristics of each stone and guide our clients how to properly restore and maintain them. Our attention to detail and passion for what we do are apparent in every job.  


All marble needs cleaning, maintenance and periodic restoration. Your maintenance needs depend on where the stone is being used in your home (floors, walls, counter tops, vanities or shower walls) and what it is exposed to, such as, traffic, food, water, oils, pets, etc.


Marble can scratch, etch, stain and lose its luster over time.  Our team is able to evaluate your stone needs, propose a plan to service your stone and give you the best possible results!

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Polished Marble:

Polished marble has a reflective or shiny finish due to polishing with very fine abrasives that remove all flaws that slow the return of light bouncing off the surface. It is often slightly darker in color than honed marble of the same type.


All polished marble is honed first. After being honed, polished marble is sanded with finer metal diamonds until the surface flaws have been removed and the marble is a smooth as possible.

Honed Marble:

"Honed" is the term used for stone that has been processed to a matte or satin finish. When you refine the surface beyond a honed finish you achieve a shiny high-gloss finish, which is referred to a polished finish. The stone restoration process involves preparing and cleaning the stone, then applying sequential grits of diamond abrasive pads and abrasive powders to achieve the finish you would like followed by a proper sealer, typically a silicone impregnator.

“I will forever use Rose Restoration for my floor care needs … I only refer my friends, family, and neighbors to Rose Restoration. Again, thank you for making me a happy customer”

— Marykay R. McLean, VA

“I would just like to thank Rose Restoration for a job well done. I can not tell you how pleased we are with the effort and craftsmanship of your two technicians … They worked long and nonstop and the results are shown in the quality of that workmanship.”

— Peter M. Washington, DC

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