Before your restoration technician arrives there are a few things you can do to help ensure the success of your project by preparing your home for our arrival.

BEFORE WE ARRIVE: Pre-Appointment Checklist

Start TimeIt is customary for our technicians to arrive between 8:00am and 9:00am
PROVIDE A CLEAR WORK SPACEYour technician need a clear walk path to access the areas of the home they need to work on.
PARKINGPlease let us know ahead of time any special instructions or restrictions regarding parking if applicable. Gate code. Community access instructions.
LICENSE & INSURANCERose Restoration is licensed and insured. Please contact us if a Certificate of insurance is needed.
FAUCETS*If Marble Armor is being installed, the faucets must be removed by a plumber prior to our arrival. Otherwise, if protective film is not being installed we do not require the removal of faucets.



PETSPlease make sure all pets are secured in a safe place away from where your technician will be working.
PROTECTING ADJACENT SERVICESYour technician need a clear walk path to access the areas of the home they need to work on.
FURNITURE: Move all furniture prior to arrival. Technicians are not permitted to move furniture.
COUNTERTOPS/VANITIES: Make sure all countertops are clear of appliances & other items.
SHOWERS: Please remove all toiletries including personal items from vanities or shower prior to our arrival.
**We can not be responsible for moving furniture which may result in additional charges for delaying the project**
SUPERVISIONIt is completely up to you if you wish to supervise or leave our technicians alone. Our technicians are trained to enter homes and perform work without direct supervision of a homeowner or property manager. Please let us know if there are special instructions the technicians should follow entering and exiting the property.
NOISE LEVELOur loudest piece of equipment during the process is a wet vacuum. Wet vacuums typically operate within a decibel range of 70 to 80 decibels and should not exceed the noise level of a standard vacuum cleaner.
RESTROOM ACCESSWe kindly request restroom access for our technicians for the duration of their work. If there is a specific location you would prefer them to use, please let us know.
POWERShould outdoor work be planned and there’s no available power outlet, kindly notify us beforehand.



WATER DISPOSALThe restoration process requires water to minimize the amount of dust generated. Any water from the project needs to be disposed of in a designated drain.
USING NEWLY-REFINISHED SURFACESRefinished and sealed surfaces may be used immediately. Grout repairs, caulking repairs, coatings and Marble Armor® require 48 hours before using the surface. Marble Armor ® requires a two-week cure time, and we ask you not to set heavy items on the surface during the cure.
SHOWER PROJECTSYou can use your shower the morning before we work in it, unless we ask you not to for moisture issues. If your project requires any grout or caulk work, we recommend not using the shower for 24-48 hours after we leave.
WARRANTYRose Restoration warrants all labor performed in accordance with your approved estimate. This warranty excludes normal wear and tear or product abuse and is valid for one year.
LEAVE A REVIEWAs a small business we grealtly value your business and strive for 5 stars for each project that we do. If you are happy with your service we would appreciate your time in leaving a review online or letting your friends and neighbors know about our company. The greatest compliment we could receive is a referral!

Thank you so much for choosing Rose Restoration to be a part of your restoration project. We look forward to making your job a success!

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